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Selling your retired assets

Whether it is 10 desktops or 100 servers, it does not make sense to hold on to your old computer equipment, if you are not using it then someone else may have a need for it, so in most cases there is some value to be gained by selling your surplus used computers, accessories and networking equipment.
If the equipment is really old or faulty beyond economical repair then the best thing to do is to recycle it.

Our tour explains the process - click here to view our buying process tour

What happens to the equipment?

In line with environmental good practice at Capasset we will aim to:
First remarket your equipment by finding an end-user that can use it.
Secondly harvest the component parts, memory, drives, etc.
Lastly recycle the equipment, harvesting the metals and plastic.

Transfer of ownership

Any Transfer of ownership any equipment that we deem good enough to re-market will go through a pre-sale preparation process. Where any signs of ownership by you is removed including physical labels and tags as well as licenses. This in effect is a transfer of responsibility from you to us.

This is a free service, if you need to get certificated hard-drive wiping or physical destruction we can also offer these services to ensure your information is absolutely secure.

Responsible Recycling

IT equipment contains hazardous chemicals and materials, it is in all out interest not to let any equipment go to landfill sites and let these chemicals and materials leach into the soil and escape into the atmosphere.

At Capasset we employ a zero landfill policy. In some cases that means that some equipment needs to be processed by specialists so that no harm is done to the environment. CRTs (Cathode Ray Tube Monitors) is an example where a charge may be levied to ensure safe disposal.

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