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Data wiping - Our Services

Data wiping is the process by which the information on hard drives, CDs, Video/Dat tapes is permanently deleted. This goes beyond simply reformatting or over-writing the drive, and data wiping should not be taken lightly. The information on a drive that has been cleared by traditional methods (deleting files or even reformatting the drive) can be recovered easily by anyone skilled at data recovery, by using our DoD standard it is virtually impossible to retrieve any data from your devices.

By wiping rather than destroying it allows the re-use of the drives which means you can retain some value which we will pay you for. If your drives get a second life then new data will be stored on them erasing even the slightest trace of your data.

Data wiping may seem like a procedure only necessary for government agencies, or big corporations - but it's not. The information on your computers, no matter how innocuous it may seem to you, in the wrong hands, could lead to large-scale identity theft, the loss of industry secrets, or multitude of other frauds.

The procedure itself is done by exposing the drive to alternating magnetic fields which overwrite the original "erased" data with random patterns.

There are different levels of wiping standards

  • Low: Standard wiping (Quick erase), is 1 pass where the disk is filled with zero’s
  • Medium: DoD standard (our preferred level) is a 7 pass wipe using random characters, complements of characters and random data streams
  • High: Gutmann Wipe, 27 random order passes using specific data combined with 8 passes of random data.

As you can see the security level is mainly dependant on the number of times the drive is re-written over with random patterns. The more times it is overwritten, the better, but the longer and more costly the process is. In most cases a DOD wipe is sufficient.

These wiping Services allow re-use of the drives which means you can retain some value and is suitable for Hard Drives/ Flash Drives.