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Capasset UK Ltd provides recovery solutions for IT assets and environmentally responsible disposal of retired electrical equipment.

Capasset is a privately owned company that buys retired or end of life IT and Telecom equipment and re-markets it ensuring that our clients get the maximum value for their disposed assets. When re-marketing is not feasible or there is not commercial value in the equipment, then we offer our clients an environmentally sound recycling service.

Cap Asset has over 20 years expertise in buying surplus computers from companies, organisations and government agencies in the US, UK and Europe.
The Capasset group operates east of GMT through UK office and West of GMT through the US office, headquarters are based in London and Washington DC respectively.

We have 30 staff and 8 locations.
We pride ourselves in being responsive to customer needs.
We were one of the first to employ a zero landfill policy in 2002.
We are well partnered across the globe and having been in operation for over 20 years we have probably seen it all.

We are always willing to learn and help our clients with even the most bizarre requests such as

  • Do you have 4 containers of used equipment that you need to shift? We will buy it from you.
  • Do you need 300 laptops for a 3 day sales training event in Hong Kong? We will get them there.
  • Do you need 500 hard disks shredded at your office? Tell us when we should turn up.

We want to be your first port of call

If we cannot do it we will find someone that can. With the pace of technology, everyday that you store redundant equipment its value drops. So if you have surplus computers or peripherals get in touch and realise your asset now.

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